Incentive Programs




Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

The Incumbent Worker Training Program is funded by the Federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and administered by Workforce Florida. Through this program, Florida is able to provide training to currently employed workers to keep Florida’s workforce competitive in a global economy and to retain existing businesses.

The program is open to all Florida businesses that have been in operation for a minimum of one year prior to the application date and require training for existing employees. Businesses must:

  • have at least one full-time employee
  • demonstrate financial viability
  • be current on all state tax obligations; and
  • provide a matching contribution to the training project.

Reimbursable training expenses include:

  • instructors’/trainers’ salaries
  • curriculum development
  • textbooks/manuals, materials and supplies.

Training services can be provided through Florida’s community colleges, school districts, area vocational-technical centers, state universities, licensed and certified post secondary private institutions and from subject matter experts, consultants, or trainers from the business. Training can be conducted at the business’s own facility, at the training provider’s facility or at a combination of sites.

Approved training costs are disbursed to the training provider based on monthly or quarterly reimbursement requests with required documentation.

Foreign-Trade Zones

Of all the benefits the Foreign-Trade Zones program can offer manufacturers and processors located in the United States there are a few main benefits that account for most of the companies that use the Zones program. Those benefits are listed below:

  • Relief from inverted tariffs—In certain instances, there are tariff (import duty) relationships that actually penalize companies for making their product in the United States. When a component item or raw material carries a higher duty rate than a finished product. The finished product pays a lower duty rate than a manufacturer of the same product in the United States. Giving the importer an unfair and unintended advantage over the domestic manufacturer. The Foreign-Trade Zones program addresses this issue.

FOR EXAMPLE: A Foreign-Trade Zone user imports a motor (which carries a 4% duty rate) and uses it in the manufacture of a vacuum cleaner (which is free of duty). When the vacuum cleaner leaves the FTZ and enters the commerce of the U.S., the duty rate on the motor drops from the 4% motor rate to the free vacuum cleaner rate.

By participating in the Zones program, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer has virtually eliminated duty on this component, and therefore reduced the component cost by 4%. (Provided by

  • Duty exemption on re-exports—When foreign merchandise is brought into a Foreign-Trade Zone, no Customs duty is owed until the merchandise leaves the zone and enters the commerce of the United States. Only then is the duty paid. If the imported merchandise is exported back out of the country, no Customs duty is ever due.
  • Duty elimination on waste, scrap, and yield loss—When a processor or manufacturer is conducting its operations within a zone, the merchandise is not considered imported, and therefore no duty is owed until it leaves the zone for shipment into the United States.
  • Weekly Entry Savings— Under Weekly Entry procedures, the zone user files only one Customs Entry per week, rather than filing one Customs Entry per shipment.

Qualified Target Industry Incentive (QTI)

The State offers a tax refund based on the number of employees hired at a wage that is 15% above the local average. Businesses that locate in Flagler County are entitled to up to DOUBLE the incentive offered in many other Florida communities.

Quick Response Training Grant (QRT)

This grant provides funding for customized employee training to new and expanding businesses.

Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC)

The CITC is an annual credit, provided for up to twenty years, against your corporate income tax. Eligible projects must create a minimum of 100 jobs and invest at least $25 million in eligible capital costs. Eligible capital costs include all expenses incurred in the aquisition, construction, installation, and equipping of a project from the beginning of construction to the commencement of operations.

Incumbent Worker Training Program (WT)

This program provides employers with funds to train currently employed workers in an effort to keep their firms and workers competitive. The program addresses retraining to meet changing skill requirements caused by new technology, retooling, new product lines and new organizational structures.

Sales Tax Exemptions

Florida offers sales and use tax exemptions on a variety of business purchases, including machinery and equipment used by a new or expanding manufacturer, research and development equipment, and certain other items.

Florida Flex

FLORIDAFLEX provides grant funding for customized training to new or expanding businesses. The program is flexible and structured to respond quickly to meet business training objectives. Reimbursable training expenses include: instructor’s/trainers’ salaries, curriculum development, textbooks/manuals, and material/supplies.

Flagler County is aggressively seeking to further expand and diversify the local economy. As such, our creative local incentives separate us from competing communities.


Flagler County Cash Employment Incentive

The County offers a performance-based cash incentive program. The value is based on the number of employees hired and the average wage.

Flagler County New Construction Incentive

This grant provides funds to companies that relocate to Flagler County and construct new facilities. The incentive is based on assessed value of the final construction paid annually over 10 years.

Flagler County/City of Bunnell Impact Fee Moratorium

Transportation impact fees have been eliminated in some areas of the county.

Utility Incentives – TECO Gas

Lowest Rate in Florida – TECO gas also provides custom technical support and expertise to new and expanding customers.

Utility Incentives – FPL Electric

5-25% Rate Discount – They already offer the lowest electric rates in Florida. FPL, our partner for electricity, offers new and expanding Flagler County businesses additional discounts between 5% and 25%, based on use. Additionally their economic development rates are 17% – 37% below the national average.

City of Palm Coast Cash Employment Incentive

Palm Coast offers a performance-based cash incentive program. The value is based on the number of employees hired and retained and the average wage.

CareerSource Cash Employment Training Incentive

A catalyst for creating and nurturing world-class talent, CareerSource offers performance-based employee training incentives. A maximum value of $50,000 per year is available to local bussinesses.

Research & Development Matching Grant Incentive

Flagler County businesses can benefit from grants in collaboration with the major Florida Universities, that also allows our businesses to engage the top talent in the region for your company research and development projects. (Subject to research initiative acceptance)

Fiber Optic Incentive

Depending on the area of the County that you locate, there may be multi-year service and set up fee rebates of up to $25,000.

Veteran Welfare Incentive

Veterans Florida’s workforce training grant is for employers who provide any combination of in-house training, 3rd party training, or on the job training to new employees in permanent jobs which require customized high-level skills training. Qualified employers receive 50% reimbursement of the training costs, up to $8,000, for each new military veteran employee.

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