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Allied Fiber connects directly to Palm Coast FiberNET/ Internet access redundancy within the County

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Florida is the 3rd largest exporter of high-tech products.

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Flagler is part of the High Tech Corridor ranked 4th largest 'hot spot' for tech jobs in the U.S

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Local Businesses

  • Coastal Cloud
  • Cardinal Systems, LLC
  • ACI
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The study of coding language begins as early as kindergarten for the Flagler County students.  Rymfire Elementary School’s Coding Club is a place for students to be introduced to the world of computer science.  Students are encourage to collaboratively work through offline and online lessons to develop an effective problem-solving mindset in areas including:

  • Algorithmic problem solving
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Modeling and simulating real-world problems
  • Programming (including game design)
  • Robotics (designing and programming)
  • Ethical and social issues in computing

Success Story

“Our model offers highly skilled, US-based consultants proficient in the latest cloud solutions and industry best practices available on a cost-efficient operating basis. As an added bonus in Flagler County, employees can live at the beach and work in the cloud.”

– Coastal Cloud Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Tim Hale